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The boarding school of excellence

Boarding schools of excellence allow motivated middle and high school students to express their potential and develop their educational ambition, by offering them optimal working conditions and a strengthened educational project.

The educational and educational project of the boarding school is built in line with the school project and / or the contract of objectives. It aims to decompartmentalize the boarding school from the rest of the students’ activities by promoting pedagogical continuity and consistency between the actions proposed during school time and school time. The project is based on a collective development process involving all the actors of the educational community. Teachers could, for example, participate in the homework of students in boarding schools. Thus, trainees benefit from personalized educational support in parallel with their week of classes: school remediation, personal work support. Sports and cultural activities to be enjoyed together are also offered to students.

The “Boarding school of excellence” label is awarded to boarding schools that commit to a project approach, in compliance with the 6 criteria defined in the label’s specifications:

strong territorial anchoring;
an educational and educational project that aims for excellence;
clearly defined methods of recruiting and welcoming residents;
efficient management and teams trained in internship trades;
attractive and secure reception and accommodation conditions for trainees;
formalized steering around the project which mobilizes the entire educational community.
The labeling procedure guarantees the quality of the project, in particular with regard to its pedagogical and educational objectives and its methods of development, implementation and evaluation.

Projects must be established in close collaboration with local authorities and mobilize all local resources. This local anchoring and the mobilization of numerous partnerships bring to each boarding school a coloring of its own. The boarding school of excellence can then be distinguished according to whether it has a rural or professional color with “professional” courses in professional boarding schools for example, or within thematic residences (arts and culture, sport, digital, openness to l international, environment and sustainable development, science).

The colors or themes thus defined must make it possible to aim for equal access for all to a wide range of activities and areas of personal expression, while contributing to the development of social and human skills.

In total, 240 boarding schools of excellence in France will be able to accommodate at least 13,000 young people by 2022, with a target of at least one boarding school of excellence per department.

The boarding school is aimed at all motivated middle and high school students who wish to change their living environment to succeed in their studies, build their professional project, develop their sense of community life and responsibilities.

These boarding schools can also respond to particular difficulties encountered by students who do not benefit from a favorable environment to succeed in their studies. These difficulties can be social, economic or family.

All students can apply for a boarding school of excellence: thanks to the variety of training offered, they can choose the one that interests them, even if they are located far from their home.

If the boarding school of excellence adapts to the needs of each individual, it is a choice of schooling resulting from a common reflection, born from the will to succeed. It therefore involves both the educational community (teachers, supervisory staff, etc.) as well as families and boarders themselves.

Applications for enrollment in boarding school are submitted from March-April according to the procedures and timetables defined at the level of each academy. The file can be put together with the help of the establishment attended by the pupil.

For any information relating to the boarding school admission schedule, consult the website of your academy rectorate.

Depending on the local authorities of the establishment, additional assistance may be granted to families. For more information, contact the manager or social worker at your establishment.

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