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Hotel Review In New York, Stay In The Heart Of Andaz Wall Street NYC

It was difficult to accept, as a Hyatt Globalist who goes through more than 90 evenings per year in Hyatt lodgings, that I hadn’t remained at an Andaz property since an excursion to London a couple of years back. I had the Andaz Wall Street put away in the rear of my psyche on an “on the off chance that I got the opportunity” list for quite a while.

I was arranging an excursion to NYC and expected to remain close to Wall Street, it was the ideal chance to give the Andaz Wall Street New York a visit and compose a survey.

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Utilizing just focuses, the rooms here are 25,000 World of Hyatt focuses. Subsequent to taking a gander at my choices for my evenings, I went with the money rate and utilized my Citi Prestige fourth night free advantage. Keep in mind, in case you’re paying money for a lodging remain, do what I do and let Pruvo screen your rate for value drops!


Let me state forthright that my stay at the Andaz Wall Street was for the most part a disillusioning encounter.

Registration went easily, the front work area staff was well disposed, and my Globalist status was perceived. I was appointed a stay with a huge room however not a suite overhaul. I may have utilized one of my suite updates for this property in the event that it were permitted, anyway you can’t utilize suite redesigns at the Andaz.

Utilizing my Hotel Room Scorecard I separated the individual components of my standard room at the Andaz Wall Street, which scored a 24 of 40 focuses.


I love the area of the Andaz Wall Street, and it’s by a long shot the best element of the lodging.

Numerous individuals think the lodging is to some degree detached being somewhere around Wall Street; it gets peaceful there when day goes to night. I wouldn’t fret that, and truth be told, didn’t generally see that as the case. Numerous eateries and shops were open in the nights and it appeared to me a significant number of the individuals who work here remain there after work to eat and drink.

Given that my objective on this specific visit to NYC was to investigate Manhattan beneath fourteenth Street, and furthermore attempt a lodging I hadn’t remained at previously, this area was great. The entrance to Battery Park and having the option to stroll along the recreation center ways on the west side of NYC supplanted any alerts I had been given about how calm it may get after dim. Regardless of whether I had needed to head uptown, it would have been anything but difficult to jump on the metro as the Andaz is all things considered a couple of squares from a significant number of the tram lines.


The lighting in the room is excessively diminish. The standing light in the corner doesn’t have a dimmer switch so it can’t be turned up any higher than the little wattage bulb permitted. The room could utilize other standing lights in the corners. That would have an enormous effect.

Window Access

The Andaz is situated on a bustling road with vehicles and general road commotion. On account of the lodging’s area, I would envision that the vast majority of the rooms have a city see.

The window opened for “new” air and the cooling functioned admirably. The dark out shades were broken so they could just go all up or all down. From the outset, I thought this was my client mistake however I checked with the front work area and indeed, they can just go all up or all down.

Not truly adaptable to the measure of light a visitor needs to have in the room! The draperies had issues also. On one side the switch to move them right or left was broken and the switch on the opposite side just moved them one way. They couldn’t be moved up. At the point when the window was open the breeze made the blinds blow so much that they thumped against the window ledge. I will say that in spite of the fact that the lodging is directly in a mess, with the windows shut it was shockingly peaceful from my 6th floor room.

Bed Comfort

The bed was excessively hard for me. I slept well, however, due to all the strolling along the waterway and through lower Manhattan!


Alright, hold on for me here as I go on a tirade. How about we start with the shower. From the shower, water sprinkled everywhere throughout the washroom. There was no chance not to sprinkle water given that the overhead shower was set not in the focal point of the roof over the shower, yet out of the way.

The entire washroom zone for the shower and tub, as I would like to think, was attempting to be excessively extravagant. It has dim tile and is an extremely dim space. It has a glass entryway to separate it from the passage. We should simply say when the glass entryway to the shower is closed, the region turns out to be extremely dim so keep an eye out in light of the fact that you can without much of a stretch not see it and walk head-on into it.

Other than the shades being broken, the washroom sink was exceptionally delayed to deplete. This may very well be the main lodging restroom I’ve seen where there is no nearby mirror that pulls out from the divider.

The mirrors over the restroom sink were odd. The lighting was brilliant on one side and dull on the opposite finish of the mirror. The end with the dull lighting made a dim mirror and the side with the splendid lights was really a nearby mirror. This had neither rhyme nor reason since it was odd seeing yourself going from a dull mirror to a lit one where you had a nearby perspective on yourself.

In the event that this nearby side of the mirror was intended to supplant a mirror that pulls out from the divider, it didn’t work. On the off chance that you required a nearby of yourself, maybe to shave or to put on make-up, you would need to hang over the sink. This entire set-up appeared to be unusual and simply didn’t work.

Inside Appointments and Furnishings

I found the structure and goods in the room abnormal. Here’s the reason. There was no lounge chair, but instead two seats. Them two were very awkward and the work area seat was lopsided and wobbled. Talking about unusual, there was a four-sided furniture unit in the middle of the room and the washroom.

One side is a storage room, one side is a mirror, one side is a nibble territory and one side has nothing on it except for a snare. It rotates! I surmise they mean for you to put whichever side you need any place you need it. Be that as it may, keep an eye out in such a case that you overlook it’s not fixed and you incline toward it, the entire thing rotates.

There was just one bit of fine art on the divider inverse the bed. It had an expression by Thomas Hardy composed on it, however it was for the most part messy. I couldn’t have cared less for the piece and have no clue about what it was intended to communicate. I did, in any case, similar to the wood floors all through the room and do lean toward when there is next to no fine art on the dividers.


Fittings and outlets were ample and all around put all through the room. There were outlets close to the beds and all inclusive attachments and USB charging ports at the huge work area surface.

Bite and Minibar

The Andaz furnished a Keurig espresso machine with units. I don’t care for Keurig or their units, so I’d prefer to see the Andaz use Nespresso in the event that they are going to keep on giving in-room espresso. In the wake of asking, the staff provided me with some additional water and a couple of bits of organic product. As a Hyatt Globalist these things ought to be given without my asking, so was a miss.

Lodging Service

There is no parlor at the Andaz Wall Street so I was given complimentary breakfast in their eatery. The menu contributions were fairly restricted and exhausting. Maybe they keep the menu restricted in light of the fact that there is a morning meal buffet.

I had an issue with one of the male workers asking me an excessive number of what I consider to be close to home inquiries, and I talked with the inn supervisor about this. The chief spoke with the worker, yet after this, I chose every morning to remove some products of the soil. That worked better for me.

The front work area staff was inviting and supportive when I talked with them. Just one of them had worked at the Andaz property for over a year or two. Housekeeping was mindful and was liberal with the ice after that restroom glass entryway knock on the head!

The Upshot

I don’t comprehend why significant things in a lodging don’t work. Is it since when individuals look at they don’t tell anybody? Doesn’t housekeeping notice these things? Aren’t rooms occasionally reviewed?

When all is said in done, I felt this room had the most squandered space of possibly any lodging I’d at any point been in. The work area and TV zone was around three feet from the back divider and that space was completely squandered.

The room had a lot of room for a lounge chair and could have an extremely pleasant feel and structure stylistic layout to it, however for me, the room was an all out miss. I appreciate hip and in vogue when it’s progressed nicely and the rooms are utilitarian. I left the Andaz Wall Street frustrated. My desires in inspecting the lodging and room missed the mark. Whenever I’m in NYC and need to appreciate the destinations underneath fourteenth Street, I’ll need to pick an alternate lodging.

Shelli Stein is a wellbeing and wellness business person who ventures to the far corners of the planet looking for culture, food, and fun! Other than adding to PointMeToThePlane, you can discover her at Joy in Movement.

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