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Hotel In Sweden, World Class Service At Hilton Slussen

The Hilton Slussen has 289 rooms in three distinct structures all associated with one another. The inn is misleadingly huge with a major splendid inviting campaign. Upon appearance I had a great time understanding. It was early night and the youthful, fiery staff at the front work area was glad to educate me that as a result of my Gold Hilton status I had been moved up to a corner Executive room.

I went up to my room, however subsequent to entering I understood I was disregarding the scaffold and development. I returned to the staff and inquired as to whether they maybe had another stay with not such a bustling perspective. The staff clustered over the PC and thought of a couple of decisions for me. One of them went with me and we looked at a couple of rooms and I picked one. She demanded helping me get my gear from the primary room and helping me get subsided into my new room.

It’s consistently a good time for me to converse with youthful, vigorous staff simply beginning in friendliness, and I could see that this Hilton staff had been given the green light when it came to being proactive in fulfilling visitor demands. This impression I jumped on my first night there ended up being 100% right.

I had a long encounter with both the Guest Relations Manager and the Front Desk Director, so I’ve more to impart to you above all, the Executive room was an incredible space for me and it functioned admirably, so we should delve in to the specifics of the room and inn.


Real estate agents have an articulation: area, area, area. I don’t figure you can locate a superior area for your Stockholm trip than the Hilton. The inn says all that needs to be said, “Stockholm Slussen is in the hip Södermalm region, with incredible perspectives neglecting the water and noteworthy Old Town.” And it’s a short leave the downtown area, and metro. I love to walk and given the focal area of this lodging it was a test to get in my typical significant distance strolling days.


The rooms at the inn are on the little side so there was just a single window. It gives enough characteristic light access given the size of the room. The light lighting was extraordinary. There is a light over the corner eating table, passage lighting, the storage rooms had lights, the restroom had two degrees of light, lights on the dividers by the bedside, and recessed light up and down the roof. That is a ton of lighting and a delight to have such a sufficiently bright room.

Window Access

You can open the window! In any case, that implies you’ll allow in the road clamor.

I didn’t worry about it at specific times and would simply close the window in the event that it became excessively loud for me. The drapes are sheer dull ones for protection and substantial texture ones as power outage window ornaments.

Despite the fact that neglecting the stream, spans, vehicle traffic, metro traffic, and development (Stockholm is a bustling city), I had an extraordinary perspective on Gamla Stan. This is the Old Town territory and it’s delightful and notable.

Bed Comfort

The bed was horrendous. Extremely hard and awkward. Not remaining at Hilton properties all the time, I have no clue if this is an exception or if Hilton beds are typically this terrible. Being in Sweden, I was seeking after a magnificent bed from Ikea!


This was an extraordinary restroom given the size of the room. It had incredible lighting, which you could make brilliant or by killing one light keep sufficiently bright yet dimmer. There were a lot of snares for towels, a towel warming rack, and a shower sprinkle watch on the tub that nearly functioned admirably. So for what reason does the restroom just get a 4? As I saw all through inns in Scandinavia, it has an exceptionally HIGH advance to get into the shower/tub. Be cautious!

Inside Appointments and Furnishings

I preferred this room a ton. It was little however proficient in plan and utilization of room. I had a feeling that I was remaining in an Ikea room showroom. The seating zone by the window had a truly agreeable dark parlor seat and footstool. It was agreeable as well as put in the most intelligent corner by the window. This turned into a decent spot for the view, outside air, and viewing the nightfall light up Gamla Stan.

As a workspace in the contrary corner there is a round table with one seat. I do figure a square table would work better, and including another seat would bode well.

There is wood framing on the passage way dividers. NO ART work at all in the room. Not so much as one piece. Heaps of mirrors all through the room clearly to build the discernment that the room was greater than it was. With regards to cover versus wood floors in a lodging, I generally incline toward wood floors. This room had wood flooring all through.

The warming framework was odd and I was unable to make sense of how to modify the temperature. It had general settings however nothing explicit to direct the temperature.


As I referenced before, the inn was last revamped in 2013, so the tech alternatives felt old and obsolete. The principle plugs were by the table territory and the parlor seat corner had an outlet with two attachments.

Tidbit and Minibar

This minibar had the greatest in-room Nespresso machine I’ve at any point seen. It slides in and out as does the other racking in this nibble zone. The minibar itself wasn’t working, yet that is not an issue for me. There was no counter space to use as a nibble zone yet the corner table and the edge beneath the TV can be utilized as surface territories.

Lodging Service

As I referenced before, I had an incredible long visit with two ranking staff individuals, Josefin and Sabina. They likewise gave me a visit through the inn and indicated me different rooms. With regards to picking a space for your stay the decision boils down to a calm room versus a live with a view. The lodging is on the waterway, which makes a magnificent view. Yet, with this view comes traffic from vehicles, metro clamor, and development work being finished with loads of commotion from cranes.

The select class room accompanies a view and a gallery! There are five classifications of rooms at the lodging so you’ll have numerous to look over. I was told value insightful for inns in this Hilton classification 4 gathering, the Slussen is in the top center value extend.

The family classification rooms have the view and furthermore a decent area. In any case, in case you’re seeking after an overhaul realize that loads of families pay for these rooms, so they are regularly not accessible for suite redesigns for Hilton Diamond individuals.

There are a couple of one of a kind things about the inn. Omelets are not normal in Sweden. Hilton Stockholm Slussen is the main lodging with a live cooking station kept an eye on with an intelligent culinary expert who cooks to arrange after visitors pick their inclinations for fixings and decision of fixing.

The omelet station has an enormous amount of fixings to browse so visitors have their own pick and blend. I noticed he had a serious after of energetic omelet searchers. The lodging has the biggest inn rec center in Sweden. Great to know whether you use inn exercise centers.

I pondered who the “regular” visitor is at the lodging. The staff revealed to me that half of the inn visitors are Swedes. It’s a scarce difference for this Hilton to walk when serving the two Swedes and sightseers.

From one perspective, Swedes don’t care to be looked out for, self-serve is fine by them. The Swedes are frequently astounded by the degree of administration and the glow of the staff. I saw this inclination for self-administration in numerous cafés too. However other non-Swede guests expect full-administration, for example, having numerous attendants accessible, valet stopping, and quick room administration.

I most likely fall in the center and never saw the administration at the lodging as lacking or to an extreme. There was in every case a lot of staff at gathering and if the attendant wasn’t there he was consistently in a moment or two. The attendants are unquestionably specialists at performing various tasks.

Housekeeping was consistently accessible and the official parlor, however exceptionally occupied, had one staff part who tried sincerely but then was continually obliging and benevolent.

I asked the ranking staff I talked with “What’s one of a kind about this lodging?”

They rushed to reply and said the administration and staff. There is a LOW turnover in staff. As a rule when I talk with inn the executives about staff and turnover, it’s a tricky subject. At whatever point I ask about it, inn chiefs get protective and keeping in mind that I get this, my experience when I registered to the Hilton Slussen was that every one of the three staff had been there just a brief timeframe.

They were incredible, youthful and enthusiastic, all around prepared, and as supportive as could be, so I’m not reprimanding, simply remarking. Truth be told, staff is the thing that individuals like best about the lodging and I could perceive any reason why. The staff speaks to 42 distinct nationalities! I didn’t meet a staff part who wasn’t well disposed and accommodating.

The other two parts of the inn that are exceptional are the area and the view from the inn. Both are champions in picking this inn.

At that point I got some information about the significant grievances visitors have about the inn.

Visitors gripe that the rooms are excessively little. They likewise gripe that there isn’t sufficient storage room space. At the point when the front work area sees individuals check in with a lot of baggage, they definitely realize the grievances will come in. I thought there was a lot of wardrobe space!

On the off chance that you’re interested, the normal remain at the Slussen is 2.2 evenings and perhaps 3 evenings in the late spring. Since Stockholm is a minimized city you can design a short remain and see a large portion of the features.

The Upshot

I can’t envision staying anyplace else when I’m in Stockholm. I’m happy I got an opportunity to pen this Hilton Stockholm Slussen survey! The staff is superb, the attendants probably the best I’ve at any point met, and the Executive Lounge breakfast and night contributions were extraordinary. I truly loved the Swedish style of the room (with the exception of the bed). The LOCATION of the Hilton Stockholm Slussen can’t be beat, and combined with the pleasantries, and astoundingly mindful staff, this inn is high on my Hilton rundown of properties I’d come back to and without a doubt suggest.

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